Unique Disc Golf
1 pair of  Heavy Duty Disc Golf Basket
Disc / Book Ends.
Made out of 3/16  mild steel
w/ 2 all metal 5 3/4" baskets
measuring 7"x 5" x 5" overall
And weigh 3.5 lbs. each
Floyd Eye Bumper Baskets
Replace your trailer ball hitch
with a trophy basket!
1" thread at 2 1/2" long
does not interfere with tail gate
operation on full size 1/2 ton &
up .
One of kind mini basket
candelabrum's bring a whole
new meaning to the words
'Tree Love"  .  Five mini
baskets  all hand made and
stamped> floyd eye dgp w/
date  on bottom.  
A true first of it's kind
unique & original piece of
Disc Golf Art.

Very limited availability.